Commercial High Pressure Water Jetting, Geelong

There’s nothing like high pressure water jetting for cleaning blocked drains. As the name suggests, high pressure water jetting machines spray water at 85 litres a minute at 4000 psi – that’s 27 times faster than what comes out of a household tap, allowing it to clear even the most stubborn impediments.

Drainkleen Doctor uses the latest high pressure water jetting technology (the 4018 narrow track series from US Jetting) to provide commercial high pressure water jetting and domestic high pressure water jetting services. This powerful unit is so good it’s used by contractors, water boards and councils all over the world. In fact, our local water board uses a machine the same as this for its sewer mains.

Fast: High pressure water jetting can clean and unblock drains much faster than traditional methods of drain cleaning. This means less interruption and cost to our domestic and commercial customers.

Effective: Water jetting clears everything – from grease and sludge to sand and soil to waste, scale and even tree roots.

Clean: Water jetting cleans every inch of the drain and accommodates turns and ridges in the drain with ease.

Versatile: With its high pressure water jetting units, Drainkleen Doctor can clear significant lengths of drain from a single access point. These units can also be used in confined areas. And our narrow-scale trailer-based unit is easy to transport and position in even the narrowest streets and properties.


  • We use the latest US Jetting 4018 high pressure water jet, which runs at 4,000 psi with an output of 80 litres a minute. This allows efficient and effective removal of obstructions.
  • Our equipment includes the latest water jet nozzle technology including warthog, flushing nozzles and root cutters for pipes from 100mm to 450mm as required.
  • We are able to access problematic areas, with a 150 metre jet hose reel available for longer runs.
  • A remote hose reel allows the machine to be up to 150 metres away from the drain entry point.


  • Clearing of commercial and larger sewer and stormwater drains from 100mm to 450mm.
  • Longer runs of drain up to 150 metres cleared quickly and efficiently with full power to the cutter at all times.
  • We can offer a root cutting capability not possible with smaller machines in longer runs and larger pipes.  The large volume US Jetting machine is ideal for these applications.
  • Fat removal from commercial drains.
  • Silt and mud blasted from commercial sized stormwater drains.

Please refer to our equipment page for more information on the US Jetting 4018.

For more information on high pressure water jetting please email us or call 1300 788 289.